Paul Anthony Parisi   
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2021/Omio productions


2021/How I got Here /Documentary/Forte Productions Toronto


2021/Gino’s Italian family adventure/ Gordon Ramsey Studios/ITV


2021/Secrets To Civilisations/ Documentary/ Impossible Factual productions Uk/BBC

Field Producer

2021/Ferrari Stories /Mid Engined Masterpiece /Redwood DDBO -London and Ferrari

Field Producer

2021/Unearthed-documentary /windfall films Discovery Channel

Field Producer

2021/Anna Leone Transfuges France 7music video


2021 – Box to Box films UK, Netflix

field producer for “Drive to Survive”

2020 – YVW Productions, Netflix

field producer for “You vs. Wild”- Bear Grylls, Italy episode

2020 – YVW Productions, National Geographic

field producer for “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” Dolomites episodes

2020 – Factual Productions USA, Discovery Channel

field producer for “Chasing Atlantis”

2020 - RTL, Zodiak Nederland

field producer for “Temptation Island” full series

2020 – European Institute of Design Rome

still photographer and fixer for “IED la città insegna”

2020 – Get Your Guide Germany

fixer for “In destination 2020”

2020 - Bold Yellow Media UK, National Gallery London

fixer for “Artemisia Gentileschi documentary”

2020 – Destination Events UK

location manager for “Rome Parade 2020”

2019 - Green Pixel Athens, Star TV

field producer for “Greece Next top model”

2019 – Motor Trend Group USA

fixer for “Trottle Out”

2019 – Carnival Corporation, ABC NBC Usa

field producer for “Ocean Trekks with Jeff Corwin”

2019 – Shrimp NY, Food Network Discovery+

field producer for “Bobby and Giada in Italy” Rome episode

2019 – Culture Trip, UK

fixer for “How to take the perfect road trip in Italy”

2019 – ITV Shiver UK

fixer for “Gino’s Italian Express” full series

2019 – Phix London

fixer for “P30 documentary with Steve Mc Curry”

2019 – Twenty Twenty Productions UK, Channel 4

fixer for “First Dates Hotel” full series

2019 – 7th Creative UK

fixer for National Geographic & North Face social media project

2019 – Coldwater Media Usa, Trinity Broadcasting Network

fixer for “Drive thru history”

2019 –Circle the Globe Productions, Travel Channel

field producer for “Legendary locations Sardinia”

2018 – Karga 7 pictures, Travel Channel

fixer for “ Mission declassified”

2018 – Tiny Pictures Canada, Shutterstock

field producer for “Cultures Italy”

2018 –Circle the Globe Productions, Travel Channel fixer for “Legendary locations Sicily”
2018 – Urtex films, Netflix
field producer for “We don’t deserve dogs” Italy episode 2018 – Tremendous Inc USA, Travel Channel

fixer for “Delicious Destinations” Puglia episode

2018 – Beach House Productions Singapore, CCTV-9 China

fixer for “Art of Craft” documentary

2018 – Nine TV Australia

field producer for “Sophie does Italy”

2018 – Endemol Shine UK, BBC 2
fixer for “Mary Berry’s Quick cooking”
2018 – Studio Ramsay, ITV UK
fixer for “Gordon, Gino and Fred the ultimate road trip” 2018 – Shiver ITV Studios UK

fixer/still photographer for “Gino’s Adriatic Escape” full series

2018 – Files Collective Usa

fixer for “Google hardware anthem” Rossana Orlandi Gallery

2018 – Advance Denmark

field producer for ADV “Lego speed champions Ferrari”

2018 – Frank Relle photography

fixer for ”Until the Water” photo shoot project

2017 – Leopard Usa, HGTV

fixer for House Hunters International

2017 –Committee Films Usa, History Channel

fixer for “The Last Pope”

2017 – Boundless UK, BBC

fixer for “Love in the Countryside”

2017 – Twenty Twenty UK

fixer for “First Dates Hotel” Channel 4

2017 – High Noon Ent. Discovery Channel

fixer for “Cake Boss” episode in Rome

2017 –Disney Digital Channel USA

fixer for “Babble Eats: Italy”

2017 –Karga 7 Pictures

field producer for “Hunting Hitler” History Channel USA

2017 – ITV Shiver UK

fixer for “Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape” full series

2017 – Lime Pictures London

field producer for “Geordie Shore” MTV

2017 – Collider Australia

field producer for TVC Swisse & Ferrari

2017 – Shuffle Media UK

field producer for “Zapata presents The Art of Slow”

2016 – Tremendous Inc. Travel Channel

still photographer for “Delicious Destinations Milan”

2016 – Tremendous Inc. Travel Channel

field producer for “Delicious destinations, Milan”

2016 – PBJS Usa

fixer for “Microsoft Platinum Club 2016”

2016 – Nutopia, BBC

fixer for “Civilisations” Renaissance episode with Simon Shama

2016 – Endemol Shine Australia

Field producer/Fixer for “Australia’s Next Top Model”

2016 –Nutopia, BBC

fixer for “Civilisations” Human body episode with Mary Beard

2016 – Imagination Tv, TVOne New Zealand

fixer for “Karena and Kasey’s diplomatic mission”

2016 –Affa photo agency, St. Petersburg

Field producer Lanca Perfume photo shoot Verona, Venice, Milan

2016 –Milkmoney, Australia
fixer and interpreter for “Sony Experia Z5 Champions League”

2016 - GoConvergence – USA

still photographer “Making memorable moments and dinners” (online content)

2015 – Vice Media – USA

Fixer and interpreter for “Huang’s world”, Sicily episode

2015 – MLB Network Inc. – USA

Fixer and interpreter for “MLB presents Lenny Randle”

2015 – ITV Studios – UK

Fixer for “Gino’s Italian escape, islands in the sun”, Sicily episodes

2015 – Leopard Usa – for HGTV

Fixer and interpreter for “House Hunters”

2015 - Affa photo agency, St. Petersburg
Field producer for La Koriador fashion shoot in Milan

2014 – Lucky Bean Media – for DSTV South Africa / Netflix

Fixer and interpreter for “Girl eat world” episode shot in Milan

2014 – Plum Pictures London – for Channel 4 UK

Fixer and interpreter for “George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces” episode shot in Italy

2014 – Atlas Media Corp – for Travel Channel US

Fixer and interpreter for “Hotel Impossible” Sicily episode

2014 – Superegg S.r.l. Roma

translator for the web platform “Calzedonia Ocean Girls”, tv format broadcast on Cielo TV produced by Freemantle Media

2013 – Superegg S.r.l. Roma

translation of web and promotional material

2007 – 2010 Officine Goa Roma

Interpreter/Fixer for international music artists such as Sven Vath, Jeff Mills, Marc Almond, Carl Cox, Richie Awtin, Grand Master Flash, Kelis.