Sometimes set ups are not so straight forward,  complex  and cumbersome  gear like  the Jib, Steadycams,  Drones,  Camera cars, Technocranes  can have you breaking sweat, the right shot is your goal always, and by all

It is not rare that crew members suddenly find themselves in front of the camera, sometimes you have to grab all you can get and whilst standing in a field contributors  don't come easy, in this case the amazing Sophie Monk asked our most trusted sound guy Stefano Varini( center)  to explain how to do some Italian  gestures, the results were very funny, notice the position of Sophies best friend Oscar (left).....basically he is saying "Perfetto".eget.

Working with these guys was amazing,  I had already had the  honour of working with the cool Gino D'Acampo on his Italian Escape  series and the brilliant Fred Sirieix for First Dates Hotel, Gordon Ramsey however was unknown territory and not surprisingly he turned out to be another incredible human being, seeing them together in action was breathtaking, although don't get me wrong this shoot was tough as ever.

Fred Siriex on the boiling hot beach for Gordon Ramsey, impeccable.

Gino D'Acampo as D.O.P ? Sometimes it is normal that the hosts have a peep.

A few members of the amazing Shiver ITV crew hard at work.


Sometimes everything is perfect, when natural light does it's magic it can be too good to be true.


There is a saying in Italy... "Se non sono matti non li vogliamo" I.E.  "If they are not crazy we don't want them" this industry really is home to some complete nutcases (in a good way), just take a look at this droner and my long bearded production assistant!

Rules first,  trust your DOP,  if there is some remote location he needs to go, there is probably a real good reason for it, never mind the cold or the rain when mixing with pro's only weatherproof equipment please.

Crews go through thick and thin, one thing is for sure is that if you have a good team spirit you create a bond that will stick and that is pure magic.

"Ok so to get to our next location we need a helicopter.".sometimes as a fixer you have to be prepared for every type of request.

Change perspective, make the most out of every situation.

One of the most beautiful  aspects of this job is meeting new people, some are truly amazing.

Remember maximum respect, everyone has to deal with their own problems in order to get the job done.


Situations... finding yourself in a  stifling market of Palermo surrounded by armed guards whilst a host like Eddie Huang interviews the mayor Leoluca Orlando.

Mr invisible. "I just find crews so fascinating to watch and capture, I have found myself in the most absurd and beautiful locations and the great thing is we are all in the same game so as a photographer I become completely invisible"